How to Study and Teaching How to Study

By: Frank M. McMurry
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"How to Study and Teaching How to Study" by Frank M. McMurry stands as a timeless educational resource, offering invaluable guidance to both students and educators alike. Within its pages, McMurry distills decades of teaching experience into practical advice and proven techniques for mastering the art of learning and teaching. As an educational guide, this book covers a wide range of topics, including effective study habits, time management skills, note-taking methods, and test preparation strategies. McMurry's insights into the psychology of learning and memory help readers understand how to optimize their cognitive processes for maximum retention and comprehension. Moreover, McMurry provides educators with invaluable tools for teaching students how to study effectively. From designing engaging lesson plans to fostering critical thinking skills and metacognitive awareness, McMurry equips teachers with the resources they need to empower their students to become independent and successful learners. With its blend of theory and practical application, "How to Study and Teaching How to Study" remains a cornerstone in the field of education, offering timeless wisdom and actionable strategies for lifelong learning and academic success.

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About Author

Frank M. McMurry

Frank Morton McMurry was an American educator, educational theorist, pioneer of American Herbartianism, and brother of Charles Alexander McMurry. Crawfordsville, Indiana, was the birthplace of McMurry in 1862. Following his father's death, his mother relocated the family to rural Illinois, ultimately settling in Normal. McMurry's schooling and profession began at Normal schools, and he finally graduated from Illinois State Normal University's model school program in Normal, Illinois, in 1879. After graduating, he attended the University of Michigan from 1881 to 1882. McMurry enrolled in German institutions in Halle and Jena in 1886, intending to study educational theories and psychology. McMurry examined the works of Karl Stoy and Willhelm Rein, two of the most prominent German Herbartian educators at the period. In 1891, McMurry returned to Illinois State Normal University as a pedagogy professor and training teacher for the university's model school, where he began incorporating Herbartianism into his educational models and courses. McMurry belonged to both the National Herbart Society and the National Education Association, where he and other Herbartianists presented their educational findings. McMurry returned to Germany in 1895 to pursue further studies in education and pedagogy. He went to the United States and was hired by Columbia University, where he became a professor in 1898. While at Illinois State University, he developed the "practice-teaching" method, which is now generally known as "student teaching" and is used in the majority of teacher training programs across the country.

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