How to Read the Crystal Or, Crystal and Seer

By: Sepharial
Published By: Double9 Books
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"How to Read the Crystal: Or, Crystal and Seer" by Sepharial is a captivating exploration of the mystical art of crystal gazing. This intriguing work delves into the ancient practice of scrying, offering readers a comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of the crystal ball. Sepharial's expertise in esoteric traditions shines through in this masterful blend of spirituality and practical instruction. As a renowned occultist and astrologer, Sepharial brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the subject, guiding readers through the process of crystal reading with clarity and precision. Within the pages of this book, readers will discover the history and symbolism of crystals, as well as techniques for cleansing and attuning them for divination purposes. Sepharial also explores the role of the seer in crystal gazing, providing guidance on developing intuition and interpreting the visions that arise during the practice. With its engaging narrative and practical advice, "How to Read the Crystal" offers readers an opportunity to explore the mysteries of the unseen realm and tap into their own psychic abilities. Whether beginners or seasoned practitioners, readers will find inspiration and guidance within these pages, making this book an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the art of divination.

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About Author


Sepharial, a 19th-century astrologer, went under the pseudonym "Sepharial" after an angel in the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Sepharial, a famous English Theosophist, was a well-known and recognized astrologer in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, having written multiple works, some of which are still highly valued in some circles today. He was the editor of Old Moore's Almanac, which is still published in the twenty-first century. As a young man, Sepharial studied medicine before moving on to psychology, oriental languages, astrology, and numerology. In 1886, he began writing an astrology issue page in the Society Times, answering public concerns, and in 1887, he was inducted to the Theosophical Society's "inner sanctum". Sepharial was a prominent author in the disciplines of occultism, astrology, and numerology, and his writings had a significant impact on Alfred H. Barley and Alan Leo, whom he brought to Theosophy. He is credited as the first astrologer to incorporate Waltemath, Earth's hypothetical natural satellite, in his calculations. Lilith is referred to as the "dark moon" because he believes it is black enough to be unseen most of the time. Many of his novels and other works were put together in a haphazard manner, making his fame less durable than it could have been. Sepharial has founded several astrology periodicals, all of which failed to establish themselves.

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