History of Civilization in England Vol. I

By: Henry Thomas Buckle
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"History of Civilization in England Vol. I" by Henry Thomas Buckle is a seminal work of intellectual history, meticulously tracing England's journey through time. Buckle's narrative delves deep into the social evolution and cultural development of England, exploring the intricate interplay between political institutions, economic factors, and technological advancements. From the religious influences that shaped society to the scientific revolution that propelled it forward, Buckle navigates through the annals of history with precision and insight. He examines the philosophical thought that underpinned societal progress and highlights the literary contributions that enriched England's cultural tapestry. Throughout the volume, Buckle meticulously analyzes the complexities of social stratification, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of England's civilization. His work serves as a testament to the power of history to illuminate the past and inform the present. "History of Civilization in England Vol. I" stands as a cornerstone of historical scholarship, offering readers a profound exploration of England's rich heritage and its enduring impact on the world stage. Buckle's magnum opus is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the forces that have shaped civilization.

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About Author

Henry Thomas Buckle

Henry Thomas Buckle was an English historian, author of an unfinished History of Civilization, and an accomplished amateur chess player. He is also referred to as "the Father of Scientific History". Buckle, the son of rich London merchant and shipowner Thomas Henry Buckle (1779-1840) and his wife Jane Middleton (d. 1859) of Yorkshire, was born on November 24, 1821, in Lee, London (Kent County). He has two sisters. His father died in January 1840. Buckle's "delicate health" made him unsuitable for the typical formal schooling or games of middle-class youngsters. However, he enjoyed reading. This qualified him to be "educated at home" by his mother, whom he adored until her death in 1859. Buckle completed one year of formal education at Gordon House School when he was fourteen years old. Buckle requested "to be taken away from school" after his father promised him a reward for winning a math competition. He learned everything on his own after that. Buckle later stated, "I was never much tormented by what is called education, but allowed to pursue my own way undisturbed." Whatever I am currently expected to know, I taught myself." Buckle initially distinguished himself as a chess player when he was nineteen years old. He was widely regarded as one of the best in the world. In match play, he defeated Kieseritsky and Loewenthal.

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