History in English words

By: Owen Barfield
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"History in English Words" by Owen Barfield is a groundbreaking work of linguistic and literary criticism that delves into the intricate evolution of the English language. Owen Barfield, renowned for his profound insights into language and culture, explores the fascinating journey of English words, tracing their origins and semantic evolution through time. As a pioneering work in philology and historical linguistics, Barfield's book transcends mere lexicography, offering readers a deeper understanding of language development and cultural evolution. Through meticulous analysis, Barfield uncovers the interconnectedness of language and society, revealing how shifts in cultural dynamics shape the meanings and usage of words over centuries. Within the realm of English literature, "History in English Words" serves as a valuable resource for scholars and enthusiasts alike, providing invaluable insights into the linguistic underpinnings of literary works. Barfield's exploration of word origins and semantic evolution offers a nuanced perspective on the richness and complexity of the English language, enriching our appreciation of English literature and enhancing our understanding of linguistic phenomena. With its blend of linguistic inquiry and literary criticism, "History in English Words" stands as a seminal contribution to the study of language and culture, inviting readers to embark on a captivating journey through the annals of linguistic history.

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About Author

Owen Barfield

Owen Barfield was an English philosopher, author, poet, critic, and Inklings member. Barfield was born in London to Elizabeth and Arthur Edward Barfield (1864–1938). He had three older siblings, Diana (1891-1963), Barbara (1892-1951), and Harry (1895-1977). He attended Highgate School and Wadham College in Oxford before graduating with a first-class degree in English language and literature in 1920. After finishing his B. Litt., which became his third book, Poetic Diction, he dedicated himself to poetry and writing for over ten years. After 1934, he worked as an attorney in London, retiring in 1959 at the age of sixty. He then had several guest assignments as a Visiting Professor in North America. Barfield authored numerous essays, books, and articles. His principal concentration was on what he termed the "evolution of consciousness," a concept that appears frequently in his writings. He is best known as the author of Saving the Appearances: A Study in Idolatry and a founding father of Anthroposophy in English-speaking countries.

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