Gadsby A Story of Over 50,000 Words Without Using the Letter "E"

By: Ernest Vincent Wright
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About the Book

"Gadsby" is a novel written by Ernest Vincent Wright. The book is unique in that it was written entirely without the use of the letter "e", which is one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. The story is set in the fictional town of Branton Hills and follows the life of John Gadsby, a young man who becomes the mayor of the town. Gadsby is determined to revitalize Branton Hills, which has fallen into decline and enlists the help of the town's youth to achieve his goal. Will he get successful? If yes, then How? To know these answers readers should go through this book! The book is written in a simple and straightforward style, with a focus on storytelling rather than complex language. Despite the constraints imposed by the lack of the letter "e", Wright manages to create a coherent and engaging narrative that explores themes of community, leadership, and perseverance. "Gadsby" is a fascinating literary experiment that demonstrates the power of language and the importance of creative thinking in overcoming obstacles.

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About Author

Ernest Vincent Wright

Ernest Vincent Wright was an American author who lived from 1872 to October 7, 1939. He is best known for writing Gadsby, a 50,000-word book that, except for the introduction and a note at the end, doesn't use the letter "e" at all. Ed Park wrote in the Village Voice in 2002 that he might have been born in England but was probably from the United States. In October 1930, Wright went to the Evening Independent newspaper and asked them to sponsor a contest for writing blue lipograms. The winner would get $250. In the letter, he talked about how great Gadsby was. Wright wrote the first draught of The Great Gatsby in 1936 when he was at the National Military Home in California for almost six months. He couldn't find a publisher, so he put out the book himself using a self-publishing press. Wright had written three other books before The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun: The Fairies That Run the World and How They Do It (1903) and Thoughts and Reveries of an American Bluejacket (1896). (1918). His funny poem "When Father Carves the Duck" is in some books of poetry. 

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