Frank On The Lower Mississippi

By: Harry Castlemon
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Frank on th? Low?r Mississippi" is an adv?ntur? nov?l writt?n by Harry Castl?mon, a prolific Am?rican author of childr?n's and young adult lit?ratur? during th? lat? 19th c?ntury. This book is part of Castl?mon's "Frank N?lson" s?ri?s, which follows th? ?scapad?s of its young protagonist, Frank. In this particular installm?nt, Frank N?lson ?mbarks on a thrilling journ?y down th? Mississippi Riv?r. Th? story tak?s r?ad?rs on an action-pack?d voyag?, as Frank navigat?s th? chall?ng?s of lif? on th? riv?r, ?ncount?rs div?rs? charact?rs, and fac?s a s?ri?s of daring adv?ntur?s. Along th? way, h? l?arns valuabl? l?ssons about courag?, r?sourc?fuln?ss, and th? importanc? of fri?ndship. Harry Castl?mon's writing is known for its ability to captivat? young r?ad?rs with ?xciting tal?s of ?xploration and discov?ry. "Frank on th? Low?r Mississippi" is no ?xc?ption, off?ring a vivid portrayal of lif? in th? Am?rican South during th? 19th c?ntury. Through Frank's adv?ntur?s, Castl?mon provid?s r?ad?rs with both ?nt?rtainm?nt and ?ducational insights into th? history, culture, and g?ography of th? Mississippi Riv?r r?gion. Th? book's ?nduring app?al li?s in its ability to transport r?ad?rs to a bygon? ?ra of riv?rboats, st?amships, and th? uniqu? chall?ng?s of a young nation.

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About Author

Harry Castlemon

Charles Austin Fosdick (September 6, 1842 – August 22, 1915), sometimes known as Harry Castlemon, was a prolific writer of juvenile stories and novels aimed mostly towards boys. He was born in Randolph, New York, and graduated from Central High School in Buffalo, New York. During the American Civil War, he served in the Union Navy as the Mississippi River Squadron's receiver and superintendent of coal from 1862 until 1865. As a youth, Fosdick began writing and drew on his Navy experiences in early novels such as Frank on a Gunboat (1864) and Frank on the Lower Mississippi (1867). In the post-Civil War era, the golden age of children's literature, he quickly became the most-read author for boys. What they want is adventure, and the more of it you can cram into 250 pages of material, the better off you are." Fosdick's popular book series included the Gunboat Series, the Rocky Mountain Series, the Roughing It Series, the Sportsman's Club Series, and The Steel Horse, or the Rambles of a Bicycle. He was known as "Uncle Charlie" to noted liberal Baptist minister Harry Emerson Fosdick, whose writings reflected favorably on his childhood visits to Fosdick in Westfield, New York. Fosdick married Sarah Elizabeth Stoddard in 1873, and they lived in Westfield for the most of their marriage. They are interred in the Westfield Cemetery next to each other.

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