Four-Day Planet

By: H.Beam Piper
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About the Book

H. Beam Piper wrote the science fiction book Four-Day Planet, which was originally released in 1961. It tells the tale of the planet Fenriss, which rotates in 2000 hours. A 17-year-old teenage reporter who is looking into the planet's corrupt leadership is the main character.A rocket ship arrives at the spaceport at the beginning of the narrative on a regular basis. The Federation manages the port, and former members of the Federal Army work as security guards. It doesn't meddle in neighborhood matters.Leo Belsher, the Earth-based representative for the Co-operative, and Bish "Bishop" Ware, the town alcoholic, are among the passengers. Bish is unemployed but receives a bank deposit for each ship that arrives.If they start a civil war, Bish suggests making sure to kill all of their adversaries. Joe wants to form a group of guys to go after Ravick; Bish recommends a lynch mob.In the movie, a party of hunters learns that Hallstock and Ravick are in the spaceport and protected by the Federation. The hunters intended to make a distraction, but Ravick's crew set some tallow wax on fire. The Co-operative will file a lawsuit on Earth to recover the money that was taken from Ravick/bank Gerrit's account. The natives will be able to see Gerrit's trial for the murder of Loki.

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About Author

H.Beam Piper

American science fiction author Henry Beam Piper lived from March 23, 1904, through November 6, 1964. His lengthy Terro-Human Future History trilogy and a more condensed collection of "Paratime" alternate history novellas are his most well-known works. His name is listed as "Horace Beam Piper" in another source, along with a different death date. Henry Beam Piper, it states on his tombstone. Piper may have contributed to some of the confusion when he stated that the H stood for Horace, leading some to believe that he did it because he disliked his name. The majority of Piper's education came through self-learning; he did not "submit myself to the absurd pain of four years in the unpleasant constraints of a raccoon coat" in order to learn science and history. He started working as a worker at the Pennsylvania Railroad's Altoona yards in Pennsylvania when he was 18 years old. He also worked for the railroad as a night watchman. When Piper's career appeared to be in trouble in 1964, he killed himself because he was afraid to ask for help and because he adhered to libertarian principles. The last entry in his diary was dated November 5, and his Pennsylvania death certificate states that his body was discovered on November 8. The precise date of his passing is unknown.

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