Father Goriot

By:  Honoré de Balzac
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About the Book

Honore de Balzac wrote a book titled "Father Goriot". The story, which takes place in Paris in the early 19th century, explores the concepts of love, wealth, and social status. The protagonist Father Goriot, an old widower who has used his fortune to support his two daughters, and other people are followed throughout the novel. But, the daughters have left him and are now leading lavish lifestyles while disregarding the needs of their father. Eugene de Rastignac, a young law student who is lured into Parisian high society, is another key figure. One of Father Goriot's daughters, Delphine, is the object of Rastignac's affection. Delphine, meanwhile, is already married to a rich, ruthless man who is using her to maintain his social status. The novel shows the dramatic difference between middle-class hardship and the lifestyles of the rich elite. Balzac depicts the greed and corruption that often go hand in hand with the chase of money and social prestige. Father Goriot dies in poverty and is left by his daughters at the novel's terrible conclusion, and Rastignac realises the full price of his ambitions. "Father Goriot" is a potent examination of 19th-century French society as well as a timeless look at human nature and the quest for happiness.

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About Author

 Honoré de Balzac

Honoré de Balzac was a French novelist and dramatist who lived from 1799 to 1850. One of the most significant writers of the 19th century, he is regarded as such. Many people believe La Comédie Humaine, his masterwork, to be his finest work. His mother was Anne-Charlotte-Laure Sallambier, and his father was Bernard-François Balssa. He was the Balzacs' second child. Honoré Balzac spent his first two years of life living with a wet nurse after being abandoned as a newborn. From the age of 10, Balzac attended the Oratorian grammar school in Vendôme. "Look at the beautiful ones we sent the academy back!" was how his grandma put it. On a bridge over the River Loire, he attempted suicide. Balzac wrote El Verdugo shortly after his father died. It is the story of a 30-year-old man who kills his father (Balzac was 30 years old at the time). This was Honoré de Balzac's first piece of work. After courting her for five years, Balzac wed Countess Eve de Balzac (formerly Countess Haska) in Ukraine in 1850. On Sunday, August 18, 1850, five months after his wedding, Balzac died in the company of his mother; Eve de Balzac (previously Countess Haska) having retired to bed. Balzac is buried in Paris' Père Lachaise Cemetery.

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