Essays And Miscellanies The Complete Works Vol 3

By: Plutarch
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The Greek philosopher Plutarch's 'Essays and Miscellanies: The Complete Works Vol. 3' is an anthology of his musings on various themes, including literary evaluation, moral philosophy, and political postulates. The book is separated into numerous divisions, each centered around a specific subject matter. In separate sections of Plutarch's tome, one can come across his musings on ethics and morals, as well as his ponderings on the universe's workings and the deities' purposes. As a skilled and insightful writer, Plutarch touches upon a wide range of topics that are sure to inspire and provoke. What he presents is easily accessible to anyone, whether studying in an academic setting or picking up the book for leisurely reading. Plutarch's impact on Western thinking and society is truly exceptional, impossible to overstate. His writings were held in high esteem by both the Greeks and Romans of ancient times, and are still being studied and admired by readers and scholars alike, worldwide.

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About Author


Plutarch, a philosopher, historian, and author hailing from Chaeronea, Greece, lived during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Plutarch was a highly educated individual with knowledge of literature, math, and philosophy. Throughout his career as a writer, he diversified his works, producing in-depth pieces specifically focused on biography, ethics, history, and philosophy. Among his works, "Parallel Lives" stands out as his most popular publication, offering a compilation of biographies contrasting celebrated individuals of Greek and Roman heritage. Plutarch's writing talents were revered for their profoundness, clarity, and their ability to comprehend human nature. Plutarch held the firm belief that history can provide moral lessons, and his written works focused heavily on examining the admirable and objectionable traits of historical figures. Alongside his renowned "Parallel Lives," his "Essays and Miscellanies" offer a diverse range of his writing, which serve as proof of his extensive knowledge and expertise. To this day, Plutarch's writing continues to be respected and studied by both scholars and general readers, marking him as a significant figure in literature. 

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