Earth Alert!

By: Kris Neville
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Earth Alert!" is a concept-upsetting technology fiction short tale written by means of Kris Neville. It gives a prescient exploration of environmental concerns and the impact of human activities on the Earth's environment. The tale is set in a destiny in which Earth's surroundings has been severely degraded with the aid of pollutants, deforestation, and overpopulation. The protagonist, Dr. Barlow, is a scientist who has dedicated his lifestyles to reading the declining state of the planet. He will become increasingly more alarmed by way of the apathy and indifference of society towards the impending environmental disaster. As the tale unfolds, Dr. Barlow struggles to deliver the urgency of the scenario to a disinterested public and a central authority greater focused on quick-term financial gains. He in the end makes a decision to take drastic motion through the use of his medical expertise to create a sequence of herbal failures, together with earthquakes and floods, so one can shock humanity into recognizing the dire need for environmental conservation. "Earth Alert!" serves as a cautionary tale about the outcomes of environmental forget and the ethical dilemmas confronted by way of folks who are trying to find to shield the planet. Kris Neville's story is a precursor to the current environmental motion, imparting a stark warning approximately the importance of accountable stewardship of the Earth's assets.

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About Author

Kris Neville

Kris Ottman Neville (May 9, 1925 – December 23, 1980) was a California-based American science fiction writer. He was born in the city of St. Louis. His debut work of science fiction was published in 1949. His most renowned work, the novella Bettyann, is regarded as a science fiction classic. The following biographical note about Kris Neville was written by well-known science fiction writer and critic Barry N. Malzberg in his introduction to Neville's story Ballenger's People in the 1979 Doubleday anthology Neglected Visions: Kris Neville could have been one of the ten most honored science fiction writers of his generation; instead, after conquering the field early on, he virtually abandoned it and established himself as the world's leading lay authority on epoxy resins, collaborating on a series of specialized texts that have become standard works in their field. I can't blame him for making this decision, which was clearly well thought out. Neville, who sold his first story in 1949 and fifteen more by 1952, realized early on that the boundaries of the field in the 1950s were simply too close to contain the kind of work he would have to undertake if he wanted to progress as a writer, and he quit.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
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