Cowley's Talks On Doctrine

By: Matthias F. Cowley
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About the Book

Matthias F. Cowl?y's "Talks on Doctrin?" is a coll?ction of ?nlight?ning discours?s that d?lv? into th? fundam?ntal principl?s and doctrin?s of Th? Church of J?sus Christ of Latt?r-day Saints (LDS Church). Matthias F. Cowl?y, a promin?nt l?ad?r within th? LDS Church in th? lat? 19th and ?arly 20th c?nturi?s, author?d this book to provid? clarity and insight into th? b?li?fs and t?achings of th? faith. In "Talks on Doctrin?, " Cowl?y ?xplor?s a wid? rang? of th?ological topics, including th? natur? of God, th? divinity of J?sus Christ, th? importanc? of faith, r?p?ntanc?, and baptism, and th? significanc? of t?mpl?s and ordinanc?s within th? LDS tradition. Cowl?y's discours?s are ground?d in th? foundational scriptur?s of th? LDS Church, such as th? Book of Mormon and th? Doctrin? and Cov?nants, and draw upon his ?xt?nsiv? knowl?dg? of Mormon doctrin? and history. Th? book s?rv?s as a valuabl? r?sourc? for both m?mb?rs of th? LDS Church s??king a d??p?r und?rstanding of th?ir faith and non-m?mb?rs int?r?st?d in l?arning about Mormon b?li?fs. Cowl?y's cl?ar and ?ngaging styl? of writing, coupl?d with his authoritativ? knowl?dg? of LDS doctrin?, mak?s "Talks on Doctrin?" an ?nduring and informativ? work within th? r?alm of Mormon lit?ratur?, contributing to a b?tt?r und?rstanding of th? faith and its t?achings.

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About Author

Matthias F. Cowley

Matthias Foss Cowley (August 25, 1858 – June 16, 1940) was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from 1897 to 1905. He resigned from the Quorum of the Twelve because he refused to accept the church's prohibition of plural marriage. He and John W. Taylor are the most recent LDS Church apostles to resign from their positions. Cowley was born in the Utah Territory city of Salt Lake City. On October 7, 1897, church president Wilford Woodruff consecrated him as an apostle. Moses Thatcher, who had been ousted from the Quorum in the April 1896 general conference, was replaced by him. Cowley was well-known in the church for his doctrinal sermons. Cowley resigned from the Quorum of the Twelve on October 28, 1905, at the request of church president Joseph F. Smith, since his membership in the hierarchy jeopardized the church's position in the Reed Smoot hearings. Cowley was well-known for performing marriages that violated the church's 1890 Manifesto, which forbade the formation of new plural marriages.

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