City Of Endless Night

By: Milo Hastings
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"City of Endless Night" is a technological know-how fiction novel written through Milo Hastings, an American author and journalist. The book is ready in a dystopian future where a devastating international conflict has plunged the sector into perpetual darkness. The story unfolds in a world where humanity lives in huge underground towns to escape the deadly effects of perpetual night. In this subterranean existence, the population is managed with the aid of a totalitarian authorities known as "The Council." The Council enforces strict guidelines, and any dissent or resistance is ruthlessly suppressed. The novel's protagonist, Marvin Clark, is a young engineer who becomes disappointed with the oppressive regime and its control over everything of lifestyles. He joins a group of rebels determined to overthrow The Council and bring about a brand new era of freedom and light. "City of Endless Night" explores topics of authoritarianism, resistance, and the iconic human spirit. As Marvin and his fellow rebels paintings to undermine the oppressive regime, they face numerous challenges and dangers of their quest for a higher international. Hastings' novel is a idea-frightening observation on the outcomes of totalitarianism and the resilience of the human spirit inside the face of oppression.

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About Author

Milo Hastings

Milo Milton Hastings (June 28, 1884 – February 25, 1957) was a nutritionist, author, and inventor from the United States. He created the forced-draft chicken incubator as well as Weeniwinks, a healthy snack. Among other things, he wrote about chickens, science fiction, and health. Some of his work is available in print and on Project Gutenberg. Hastings was twice married and had three children. Hastings was born in Farmington, Atchison County, Kansas, and has spent his entire life writing. His publications ranged from poultry husbandry (The Dollar Hen) to science fiction (City of Endless Night), nutrition (Physical Culture Cook Book), and health (High Blood Pressure). Hastings spent the majority of his working life as Bernarr Macfadden's food editor, producing hundreds of food and nutrition essays for Physical Culture magazine. Hastings contributed to The Olympian System, a four-volume set of publications released by Macfadden to promote his ideas about "developing physical and mental efficiency." Hastings published a series of pieces on "Food, Health, and Happiness" when Macfadden launched the New York Graphic newspaper. Hastings also wrote about business (The Egg Trade of the United States), philosophy (an introduction to Brann the Iconoclast), urban planning (promoting Edgar Chambless' linear city idea), social commentary (the stage play Class of '29), and the occasional short story ("The New Chivalry").

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