Border And Bastille

By: George A. Lawrence
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Bord?r and Bastill?" is a historical nov?l p?nn?d by G?org? A. Lawr?nc?, a British author known for his adv?ntur? and historical fiction. This captivating book is s?t against th? tumultuous backdrop of th? lat? 18th c?ntury during th? tim? of th? Fr?nch R?volution. Th? story r?volv?s around th? adv?ntur?s of th? protagonist, G?rald Patton, an Englishman who b?com?s ?mbroil?d in th? chaos of th? Fr?nch R?volution whil? trav?ling through Franc?. As h? navigat?s th? tr?ach?rous political landscap?, h? forms a compl?x r?lationship with th? ?nigmatic and f?arl?ss Thérès?. Lawr?nc?'s narrativ? is a thrilling bl?nd of romanc?, intrigu?, and historical drama. Through th? ?y?s of G?rald, r?ad?rs ar? transport?d to th? h?art of r?volutionary Franc?, wh?r? th?y witn?ss th? f?rvor of th? mass?s, th? uph?aval of soci?ty, and th? clash of id?ologi?s. "Bord?r and Bastill?" not only off?rs a gripping story but also provid?s a nuanc?d ?xploration of th? ?thical and moral dil?mmas fac?d by its charact?rs. It d?lv?s into th? compl?xiti?s of loyalty, lov?, and p?rsonal sacrific? during a tim? of r?volutionary f?rvor and uph?aval. G?org? A. Lawr?nc?'s work is a vivid portrayal of an ?ra d?fin?d by radical chang? and social uph?aval.

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About Author

George A. Lawrence

George Alfred Lawrence (March 25, 1827 – September 23, 1876) was a British novelist and lawyer. The eldest child of Rev. Alfred Charnley Lawrence, Curate of Uxfield Chapel, Buxted, as well as the Hon. Lady Emily Mary Finch-Hatton, sister of George William Finch-Hatton, the fifth Earl of Nottingham and tenth Earl of Winchilsea, George Alfred Lawrence was brought up in Buxted, Sussex. He attended Rugby and Balliol College, Oxford, and married Mary Ann Georgiana Kirwan in 1851. In 1852, he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, but he quickly abandoned the law in favor of literature. Guy Livingstone, "portraying an even more brutal picture of Rugby High School than Thomas Hughes." This became really popular. He went on to write several more stories in what has been dubbed the "muscular school" of novel-writing, introducing a beau sabreur sort of hero, great in sport, love, and battle, into English fiction. For example, Sword and Gown (1859) "is a bigamy story culminating in the Charge of the Light Brigade." Barren Honour's gentleman protagonist. A Tale (1862) is lost at sea. It has been referred to as "a beautifully chivalrous destructive behavior study."

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
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