Birds Of The Indian Hills

By: Douglas Dewar
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Birds of the Indian Hills" is a seminal work authored by means of Douglas Dewar, supplying a complete exploration of the avian fauna located within the majestic landscapes of the Indian hills. This pioneering book has on the grounds that become a traditional in ornithology and herbal records literature. Douglas Dewar, a British civil servant and done naturalist, launched into full-size fieldwork throughout the Indian subcontinent. His determination to analyzing and documenting the rich birdlife of the location culminated on this superb tome. Dewar's meticulous observations and keen insights offer a window into the numerous and captivating international of Indian hill birds. The book contains a big selection of avian species, from the elusive Himalayan pheasants to the agile and colourful sunbirds. Dewar's bright descriptions, accompanied by way of detailed illustrations, serve as a useful useful resource for each beginner birdwatchers and pro ornithologists. Beyond its clinical benefit, "Birds of the Indian Hills" is a literary masterpiece, with Dewar's prose imbued with enthusiasm and reverence for nature. His anecdotes and narratives shipping readers to the breathtaking landscapes where these birds thrive. This timeless paintings remains cherished by fowl fanatics and nature fanatics, presenting a long-lasting tribute to Douglas Dewar's enduring ardour for ornithology and his contribution to our information of the avian wonders of the Indian hills.

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About Author

Douglas Dewar

Douglas Dewar (28 May 1875 – 13 January 1957) was an ornithologist and British civil officer in India who produced several books about Indian birds. He published widely in publications like The Madras Mail, Pioneer, and The Times of India, as well as periodicals like the Civil and Military Gazette and Bird Notes. He became an outspoken anti-evolutionist and co-founded the Evolution Protest Movement. Douglas was born in London, where his father, a physician, practiced on Sloane Street and in Hampton Wick. Before joining the Indian civil service in 1898, he studied natural science at Jesus College, Cambridge. Dewar married Edith Rawles, the daughter of Alfred Rawles, on March 7, 1902 in Bombay. From 1921 to 1924, he was appointed Accountant General in Punjab. Dewar, on the other hand, specialized in ornithology and produced numerous volumes about the birds of India. In his book Birds of the Plains, he emphasized the study of birds in the field. "There are two kinds of humans in the ornithological world. There are those who study nature inside the museum with a microscope and scalpel, and those who live to observe and study birds in the open."

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