By: H.G. Wells
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He considers the steam engine to be the 19th century's most defining emblem and examines its abrupt appearance. According to Wells, the pace of land movement will fundamentally alter human culture. According to Wells, there will be four social strata created by technology in the 20th century. He says that families in this class will live in well-run homes without a need for housekeepers. Jonathan H.B. Wells contends in Democracy and Other Essays on Statecraft that the term "democracy" is vague and just refers to the denial of a certain person or individuals' ability to act on behalf of the population at large. The growing range and precision of the rifle and field gun establish the "new battle." Wells predicts that war will become less "dramatic" and more "monstrous." He expects that by the year 2000, many multilingual societies would speak languages like Spanish and Russian as a second language. Wells believes that due to the interconnectedness of the economy, culture, and politics, "a New Republic" would eventually rule the world. He discussed the future of society and how authorities will utilize science to "euthanize the weak and the sensual" in Anticipations.

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H.G. Wells

Herbert George Wells was an English author who lived from 21 September 1866 to 13 August 1946. He was a prolific writer across various genres who produced dozens of short stories and more than fifty books. Along with works of social commentary, his nonfiction output included essays on politics, history, popular science, satire, biography, and autobiography. Wells has been dubbed the "father of science fiction" and is now primarily known for his science fiction books. He had fallen in love with one of his students, Amy Catherine Robbins (1872–1927), with whom he relocated to Working, Surrey, in May 1895, and the couple decided to split up in 1894. His early writings, dubbed "scientific romances," included The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, When the Sleeper Wakes, and The First Men in the Moon, among other works, and established several ideas that are now considered classics in science fiction. In addition, he produced acclaimed realistic novels like Kipps and Tono-Bungay, which was a satire of Edwardian English culture. At the age of 79, Wells passed away at his London house on 13 Hanover Terrace, which had a view of Regent's Park, for undetermined reasons. 

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