A Trip To Venus A Novel

By: John Munro
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"A Trip to Venus" is a technological know-how fiction novella written by John Munro, a lesser-recognised British author who wrote during the overdue nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This painting is an early example of area travel and extraterrestrial exploration in technology fiction. The tale follows the adventures of the protagonist, Mr. George, who, in conjunction with a small group of scientists and adventurers, embarks on a high-quality adventure to Venus. Using a exceedingly advanced spacecraft, they travel thru space and in the end arrive on the earth Venus. There, they encounter a lush and vibrant alien world full of odd and wondrous plants and fauna. As the explorers challenge deeper into Venus, they find out a pretty superior civilization of clever, humanoid creatures referred to as the Venusians. The Venusians possess superior technology, a rich cultural heritage, and a completely unique way of lifestyles. The tale explores the interactions and mutual fascination between the Earth traffic and the Venusians. "A Trip to Venus" is a pioneering paintings in the genre of interplanetary technological know-how fiction, supplying ingenious descriptions of an alien international and its inhabitants. It reflects the interest and fascination with the opportunity of life on different planets that became regularly occurring in the overdue 19th century. Although the novella might not be widely recognized nowadays, it holds historical significance as an early foray into the exploration of different worlds in science fiction literature.

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About Author

John Munro

Scotchman John Munro was born in Ross-shire in 1849. He received his education at the Bristol Trade and Mining School, where he later held the position of lecturer. Later, he was hired by Bristol University to teach mechanical and mining engineering. He produced two books and a number of works on electricity. He stopped teaching in 1919 and passed away in 1930. The first chapter of A Message from Mars, and A Trip to Venus were both included in Brian Aldiss and Harry Harrison's Farewell Fantastic Venus. Other historical and reference works by Munro include A Pocket-book of Electrical Rules and Tables for the Use of Engineers and Electricians (1891), Heroes of the Telegraph, and others (1884). The majority of Munro's works are in the public domain because they were first published before 1925. The Wire and the Wave, Pioneers of Electricity, Heroes of the Telegraph, Sun-Rise in the Moon, in the October edition of Cassell's Magazine in 1894, and The Story of Electricity, in 1902 are among the works of John Munro.

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