A Day's Ride A Life's Romance

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“A Day's Ride: A Life's Romance” is a romantic novel helping readers to experience the world of love, personal growth and misunderstanding. The novel was written by Charles James Lever an incredible and prolific Irish novelist and physician. The book was published in 1869 and story revolves around the prime protagonist, Jack Bramleigh, who is a young and unwary Englishman. Soon he falls in love with Florence St. John a charming young woman. Meanwhile, Florence’s father, a strict and disapproving man was against their relationship and in order to secure Florence’s hand for marriage, he set out for an adventure and challenges. Throughout the story, a reader travels in the voyage of colourful cast of characters and situations. Lever carets a fusion of love, humour and adventure in a progressive throughout the whole story. the book unfolds the dramatic events in the backdrop of 19th century England and Ireland offering a fanatic glance of social dynamics and norms of his time.

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