The Principles Of Aesthetics

By: Dewitt H. Parker
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The work "The Principles of Aesthetics" by Dewitt H. Parker, a well-known American philosopher and educator, is remarkable. This is an introductory aesthetics text that delves into the basic concepts that underpin the study of beauty, art, and the understanding of what it is to be aesthetic. Parker examines the essence of aesthetics as a philosophical subject in "The Principles of Aesthetics," aiming to provide a complete structure for knowing whatever defines beauty and the laws that control our aesthetic judgments. He delves at topics including beauty perception, the function of emotions and intellect in aesthetics, and the relationship between art and aesthetics. Parker's work is distinguished by its clarity and precision, making complicated philosophical ideas accessible to a wide audience. He uses examples from art, literature, and nature to demonstrate and strengthen his ideas. Some stories are fascinating and fantastic, while others sneak up on you and draw you in. This edition of "The Principles of Aesthetics" is both current and legible, with an eye-catching new cover and professionally typeset manuscript.

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About Author

Dewitt H. Parker

Dewitt H. Parker (1885-1949) was a well-known philosopher and lecturer who made significant contributions to metaphysics, aesthetics, and ethics. Their writing helps individuals connect with and understand one another. He was a philosophy professor at the University of Michigan, where he also served as department chair beginning in 1929. Parker's scholarly work covered a wide range of philosophical topics, and he wrote several significant volumes that made an indelible mark on the field. Parker studied the complicated relationship between the individual ego and the external universe in "The Self and Nature" (1917), delving into themes of existence and consciousness. His work "The Principles of Aesthetics" (1920), which is now in the public domain, is a significant contribution to aesthetics. He provided a comprehensive framework for comprehending the fundamental principles underlying the study of beauty, art, and the aesthetic experience in this book. Parker's exploration of aesthetics continued in "The Analysis of Art" (1926), which provided insights into the nature and judgment of creative expression.

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