The Amores; Or, Amours

By: Ovid
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About the Book

The Amores is a collection of love poems by the Roman poet Ovid. The poems explore various aspects of love, including seduction, jealousy, and betrayal. In the book, the narrator, who is believed to be Ovid himself, falls in love with a woman named Corinna and tries to win her over with poetry and gifts. He experiences jealousy and suspicion, believing that Corinna is seeing other men. He continues to pursue Corinna despite her infidelities and ultimately ends the affair. Throughout the collection, Ovid employs a variety of poetic techniques, including allusions to classical mythology, humor, and vivid imagery. The poems are known for their frank and explicit descriptions of sexual encounters, which were considered scandalous in Ovid's time. Overall, The Amores is a complex and nuanced exploration of love and desire, offering a window into the romantic and sexual experiences of ancient Rome.

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About Author


Ovid was a Roman poet born on March 20, 43 BCE, in Sulmo, Italy. He was born into a wealthy family and received an education in Rome and Athens, studying rhetoric and literature. Ovid began his literary career as a poet of love elegies, including his most famous work, The Amores. He went on to write a number of other works, including the Metamorphoses, a narrative poem that tells the stories of mythological figures and their transformations, and the Fasti, a poetic calendar of Roman festivals and rituals. Ovid died in Tomis in 17 CE, and his works continued to be widely read and celebrated in the centuries that followed. He is regarded as one of the most important poets of the Roman era, known for his innovative and imaginative use of mythological themes and his skillful mastery of poetic form.

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