By: graf Ilia Lvovich Tolstoi
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"Reminiscences of Tolstoy by His Son," authored by Graf Ilia Lvovich Tolstoi, is a poignant and intimate account that provides readers with a unique window into the life and personality of the iconic Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy. Count Ilia Lvovich Tolstoy offers a deeply personal perspective on his father, a celebrated literary luminary recognized for his enduring works such as "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." In this contemporary memoir, the offspring of Tolstoy offers a comprehensive portrayal of his father's character, so offering insightful insights into Tolstoy's beliefs, values, and the evolution of his philosophical and literary ideas. The book delves deeper into the complex intricacies of Tolstoyan familial dynamics and their interconnections, so enriching our understanding of the celebrated author's personal life. The narrative of Graf Ilia Lvovich Tolstoi skillfully integrates both personal and intellectual elements, making it a valuable resource for scholars and enthusiasts of Leo Tolstoy's literary works. Some stories are gruesome and bizarre, while others softly creep up on you and pull you in. The writer's personal reflections provide a more profound comprehension of the prominent themes and underlying motivations found within his outstanding literary works.

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About Author

graf Ilia Lvovich Tolstoi

Count Ilya Lvovich Tolstoy (22 May 1866 – 11 December 1933) was a Russian writer who was Leo Tolstoy's third child and second son. Ilya was born in Yasnaya Polyana and spent the majority of his childhood there until the family moved to Moscow in 1881. His mother taught him to read and write, first in Russian, then in French and English, and his father taught him mathematics, then Greek and Latin. Private tutors also taught him and his siblings. In an 1872 letter to his father's cousin Alexandra Andreyevna Tolstaya, Leo Tolstoy described his children, saying of his son Ilya: Ilya, the third, has never been sick in his life; he's broad-boned, white and pink, beautiful, and terrible at school. Is constantly thinking about something he is not supposed to think about. Creates his own games. Hot-tempered and angry, he wants to fight right away; but, he is also tender-hearted and extremely sensitive. Sensuous; enjoys eating and lazing around doing nothing. His lips itch when he eats currant jelly and buckwheat kasha. In everything, he is self-sufficient. When he tears, he is both violent and horrifying; when he smiles, everyone laughs with him. Everything unlawful excites him; he recognizes it right away.

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