By: Ayn Rand
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Ayn Rand, a Russian-American author, created the dystopian novella Anthem in 1937. It was initially released in the UK in 1938. The story is set in an undefined time in the future when mankind has gone through another Dark Age. Nowadays, technological development is meticulously planned, and the idea of individuality is gone. Equality 7-2521 is a young guy who rebels by conducting covert scientific research. He hides out in the forest with the girl he loves once his activities are revealed. They intend to create a new civilization based on rediscovering individualism together. The narrative was initially intended to be a play, but Rand later changed her mind and wrote it for a magazine. She sent it to book publishers on the advice of her agency. Cassell initially released the novella in England. Only after Rand's next book, The Fountainhead became a bestseller was it released in the US. For the 1946 US publication, Rand changed the text. Rand looked into possibilities for getting Anthem adapted to various media after its release in the US. She was in talks regarding possible ballet, opera, and film adaptations, but these plans were never carried out.

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About Author

Ayn Rand

Ayan Rand was an American author and philosopher who was born in Russia. She is renowned for both her literature and the Objectivism philosophical framework she created. Before migrating to the US in 1926, she had her education and upbringing in Russia. Before becoming popular with The Fountainhead in 1943, she wrote and published two early, unsuccessful novels, two Broadway plays, and two books. The publication of Rand's best-known book, Atlas Shrugged, in 1957. Thereafter, up until her death in 1982, she published her own publications and released a number of collections of essays in order to promote her ideology. Rand promoted reason as the only method of learning; she disapproved of faith and religion. She opposed altruism and favored logical, moral egoism. In politics, she opposed collectivism, statism, and anarchism and criticized the use of force as unethical. She advocated for laissez-faire capitalism, which she characterized as the framework that respects individual rights, including those related to private property. Rand was opposed to libertarianism, which she saw as an anarchist, although she is frequently linked to the contemporary libertarian movement in the US. Rand supported romantic realism in art. There have been nearly 37 million sales of Rand's novels.

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